November 1, 2005 | Advisory Meeting with Van Metre

Members of the advisory group met with Van Metre to discuss their final budget proposal. After insisting that the dues rise to no more than $120 per month for 2006 at the last meeting, Van Metre came back with their final budget at $125 per month. Several steps taken by Van Metre to trim costs and raise their contribution amount brought the dues down to this level:

  • Eliminating grass cutting in front of homeowners property
  • Eliminating the landscape consulting fee of $20,000
  • Raised their contribution level to $85,000 from the previous proposal for 2006
  • Minor administrative adjustments

We agreed this was not what we wanted but Van Metre indicated it was their final decision and the HOA Board (Van Metre) approved it.

Van Metre also distributed a draft copy of the Annual Budget Notice for the group to comment on. Dr. Slack submitted suggestions and requested clarifications on several points. A copy of his comments are here.

Marquis is estimating two (2) closings a month for 2006 and is a major assumption in the budget. Since there is uncertainty in the real estate market in Northern Virginia, this estimate may be optimistic. It was also noted that Armstrong’s contract amount is driven by the number of homes (doors) occupied. Hence, variations in the number of billable homes will cause Armstrong’s contract amount to change.

A map was also distributed clearly showing those areas that the landscaping contractor maintains.

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