The 2006 HOA fees will increase in 2006. The most significant impact is the inclusion of the cost of pool operations and maintenance and taking some responsibility for the cost of landscape maintenance.

Residents waited a long time for the community pool and tennis courts. Now we get to pay for these amenities. In addition, Van Metre is proposing the homeowners assume a significant portion of the cost of maintenance for the landscaping installed over the last three years. We can probably all agree the landscape features of Raspberry are beautiful. It was installed primarily to assist Marquis market lots and custom homes.

Here are some additional relevant facts:

  • The cost to maintain the pool and tennis courts is projected to be about $42,000 in 2006. Again, at full build out (about 204 residents)this represents about $206 per year per lot.
  • Van Metre is projecting the landscape maintenance costs to be nearly $210,000 for 2006. At full build out this would represent about $1,030 per year per lot.
  • For homeowners to pay all of it at projected paying member levels for 2006 (about 158), dues would increase from $79/month to nearly $187/month
  • Van Metre is proposing to subsidize landscape maintenance by about $48,000 in 2006 or 23% of the projected expenditure. This would lower our monthly obligation to about $170/month.
  • At full build out with the 2006 projected budget, including all administrative, pool and landscape maintenance expenses and 204 paying lots, the monthly dues would be $145/month.
  • The homeowners were not consulted on the scope of what Van Metre planned and implemented.
  • Over 85% of the installed landscape does not reside on HOA owned land.
  • Raspberry Falls Golf and Hunt Club states it is not willing to accept any financial responsibility for the Van Metre installed landscape. It does not believe the landscaping adds value to their business.
  • Van Metre executives are investors in RFG&HC.

The question for us:

What do the Raspberry Falls homeowners believe is reasonable to accept as financial responsibility for the maintenance of the high quality landscaping Van Metre has installed?

Give us your views. The results will be presented to Van Metre management during discussions with the Advisory Committee.