Advisory Group Meets With Van Metre on October 21, 2005

Van Metre revised it’s previous 2006 HOA Budget proposal at a meeting of the Advisory Group as follows:

  • 2005 carry forward of $50,000 surplus to the 2006 budget:
    • Forgive $42,000 in HOA budgeted landscape maintenance contribution
    • Favorable variance of other revenue and expense items of ~$8,000
  • Reduce landscape maintenance fees $30,000 by eliminating easement mowing in front of homeowners property.
  • Van Metre contribution to 2006 landscape maintenance remains the same at $48,560.
  • The net result is to lower the forecast dues for 2006 from $170/month to $135/month.

The Advisory Group’s position is that we could not support a dues increase to any amount more than $120/month for 2006. This would require Van Metre to contribute an additional $25,000 toward landscape maintenance. Van Metre is taking it under advisement and will seek more money from Van Metre’s owners.

We also received a landscape contract synopsis to review as well as a community map showing where landscape is currently being maintained.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 1, 2005.